If you can read this, thank a Photon. (Mod Idea's!)

I was doing the fishstick earlier and i had some idea’s!

What if there was a mod that allowed you to add attachment slot’s to guns? Maybe a really hard to find item is required, but if you could add new attachment slots, that would definitely make for some interesting combos. A suppressor, and a long barrel? On the same gun? MADNESS.

In the Vehicle Additions mod, there is an item called a Cargo Dimension. It basically makes a “bigger on the inside” space for storage. What if you could apply something similar to the Internal Storage CBM? Maybe make it upgrade-able? Maybe you would have to sacrifice some of your power capacity, but it would be interesting to have a pocket dimension in your chest cavity.

I was considering how to make Psionics work and came upon a floating thought.
What if there was a seperate skill, named Psionics. To unlock it’s use one would have to be attacked or affected by a Psionic ability. Possibly the beholders, or maybe the Amigara Obsession disease, could be used as triggers.
Once Psionics are unlocked you could open up a menu, maybe with the ] key. This menu would allow you to define what this power would do. You could make this power grab an item from a distance, or deal a certain amount of a type of damage.
You could make one power deal 30-60 cutting damage, and it would cause you a certain amount of pain when you use it.
Once you are over a pain threshold, (as defined by your Psionics skill.) you could not use psionics again for until you are reduced to 0 pain. The psionics skill could also act as a pain resistance skill, to the same effect.

The idea for Psionics causing pain came from Akira. It’s a rather old manga, but it’s definitely a good read, even when compared to contemporary series.

psionics? i think its not bad idea, maybe it should be enabled in few ways to work?

i think ufo:enemy unknown have nice way of getting psionics, in psi lab in cataclysm adding one as a one of lab finals where player can learn skill for “little” time because you must self learn and there is no sciencists what can aid you to learn something what even they do not fully understand (good luck if its ice lab)
alslo powers should not only allow to atack but alslo to defend agaist it

inteligence should be fractor to how high your psi lvl can be or how accurate your psionics attack are

blobs should be resistant to attack and immune to mind control, trying to control hivemind is not great idea

and what skills? telekinesis should be nice, amout of volume it can pull should increase with skill lvl it should be good (something like electromagnet cbm but work on not metal things too), maybe active skill what allow to cary few more volume when not using any skills? (and using any other skill should disable it) skills at medium lvl should help with npc interaction (reading his mind to better lie, causing halucinations to easier terror him and others) and maybe atacks what cause panic at target at high but not highest skills new skill to make target go berzerk and attack everyone, both alies and foes at last player get acces to mind control what should allow player to take control over target while leaving player defendless

Psionics should work against brain-equipped enemies (think animals and NPC). Most zombies, being undead, are directed by blob instead of brains (or not, I dunno) and aren’t affected by your psionic attack.

As of what can it be used for:

  1. Increasing pain.
  2. Stunning enemies.
  3. Making enemies friendlier (think charming spell)
  4. Reading minds (think “telepathy” spell from Wiz8 [sup]oh boy this game is awesome where can you have faerie ninja who kicks ass [sup]sorry[/sup][/sup])
  5. General messing with the mind, making it attack others (hallucinations), general insanity, oh yeah, and mind control could work as last skill in tree, as well as probably-instakill attacks:
    You concentrate on [Target] mind, trying to stop it’s heart…
    You fail![Target] faints and falls dead.

I’m opposed against dealing damage, but hell, it could be used too.

Also, another idea: make psionics dependent on focus. Attacks drain it and become impossible once focus reaches certain threshold.

Oh, and I expect it to take a lot of work to implement it, so don’t hold your hopes up.

There should be the possibility for critical fails.
You try pulling a v12 and receive braindammage, because you couldn’t move the v12 and instead your brain moved.

[quote=“Gergoric, post:4, topic:10187”]There should be the possibility for critical fails.
You try pulling a v12 and receive braindammage, because you couldn’t move the v12 and instead your brain moved.[/quote]
Ow, just thinking about that made my brain hurt a little.

Though I think Kevin has stated he doesn’t want Psychics or Psionic Abilities in the Mainline before, it would make for a nice mod. And the idea of using a combination of focus and pain as a psychic ability limiting mechanic is actually really cool.

Yeah, psionics is fine mod territory, but it’s not something that fits with the current Cata lore as something the player can actually accomplish, even when heavily mutated (though some of the more powerful Nether creatures/Horrors might be able to pull off something rather similar, and with the help of an artifact a player might be able to approximate it, though in that case it’s a power of the artifact, not of the player).

as a mod? its better than giving it into mainline

Trying to get you to start working on this with my mind (Is it working?)

Well the idea i had, was that using psionics caused pain, and the greater your skill, the more you can “shrug off” the pain.

When i mean acquiring psionics via exposure, i mean, you fight a flaming eye, and it hits you with some nasty effects, and if you survive you kind of “open your mind”.