Some Random ideas you may or may not like

So here we go:

1)Powder items; Once removing such items from their containers. We should be able to put them back into a container right? Well tell that to gun powder! On that note. If I have a plastic bag or a bottle. I should be able to fill either with powdered substances. Be it powdered milk or concrete or gun powder or…you get the idea. Baggies should be resealable with a vacuum sealer for items in general that would fit in them.

*Zip Lock Bags?

2)Addition of STALKER style anomalies near portals. If they become a thing. Inside portals too. How to know some anomalies may be near?

;Scorched land and burnt plant life near a Fire anomaly
;Body parts/sinew/organs/broken plants and plant matter to indicate gravitational anomalies
;Fire plumes/steam plumes near could be a 1-3 tile patch of boiling water and dead plants
;Misshapen trees?

3)1 gallon plastic jugs some how take up more volume than a rifle…why…would this make ANY sense? Maybe on par or something. But more than?? Needs a fix even though it isn’t considered a bug.