Suggestion:recovering weariness by resting on bed, chair or sofa etc

I understand the game is now focus on simulated the reality, but for now, the weariness is just dosn’t feel right for now, some people say, they just simply need to getting sleep once chop down a tree in order to recovering weariness,

in the real life, when we feeling tired from hard work, we will simply sitting on a chair or sofa or something, or even lying on the bed in order to recover our strength, and you can also reading some book, drink or eat something, when you resting,

So, here’s what I suggest, how about making the chair and sofa some furniture able player to sit on it, and lying the bed in order to relax themselves from weariness, this will make the game little bit more reality, and more fun.

Lying in bed is actually sleep…
As for chairs and sofas, they really need some practical uses😄

Sleeping is not the only choice with the bed, you can also just lying on it while wakeing, and take some break, sometime you can even take time to play some video game. or read some book something like that.

You can also sleep on chairs and sofas, just with less comfort. But there are several problems with working during the break: it will slow down the work process and increase the error rate or failure rate. Maybe you can feel in reality that it will be very difficult to work when you really have a rest, but when you focus on work, there is no rest. It is very difficult for you to find a balance point, at least for me.

would be cool if you could lie down on the ground to rest too

This is already in the game. Reading books or simply sitting around doing nothing already works just as well as sleep and there’s also a mood bonus for being in a comfortable chair or bed.

You can also play games on a laptop or handheld, or basically do anything else that isn’t crafting or building to relieve weariness. All you need is time spent not exerting yourself.