Character weariness

how do i dealt with weariness? it always burden me.

It is a problem. (too?) many activities are more strenuous than you’d think they ought to be, so mixing “brisk” crafting with activities that are less strenuous may help somewhat. Trying (and failing) to sleep means resting in half hour intervals, which reduces weariness, so that might also be a possible response.

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There are a few cooking recipes that have no activity rating (usually dehydration) so you can do some preservation to rest. Another option is to just pause crafting recipes and find somewhere comfortable to sit and read, play games, play cards, etc. so you can take advantage of that to regain some of your weariness.

Think about it like the average person IRL. Most people are gonna be pretty beat after ten hours of work, even if the work isn’t particularly strenuous. Taking a break to relax can keep you fresh.

If you’re walking everywhere that can also tire you out, especially if you’re lugging all your gear and climbing over difficult terrain.

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