Comfy chair happiness bonus?

Is there room for ‘rest’ or ‘do nothing’ command, for when you don’t want to sleep but your focus is low and you hate everything? Or if you just want to pass some time without burning calories. I know you can just hold down . but if you could just go “rest 30 minutes / a long while” you can TAB away to a different window while your character has a break.

I was also wondering about giving a small happiness bonus for spending significant amounts of time on a comfy chair / bed while doing nothing much (resting, reading, hitting . ). In your busy post apocalyptic life is must be nice to sit in an armchair for a while instead of standing around in the rubble.

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You can wait for long periods of time by pressing |.

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I promise I did look at the command list. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was probably a ‘bloke look’. My mum is convinced that the male of the species is unable to find things in plain sight - especially in the kitchen.