Downgrade zombies on revive?

Would it be possible to make zombies revive as a type other than what they were when they died? For a while now I’ve been thinking it might be cool if, for example, I kill a normal zombie and some time later it revives as a crawling or decayed zombie. Likewise, you could possibly have tough zombies revive as normal zombies or as some sort of decayed version of tough. Eventually a zombie that is “killed” and revived enough times would be reduced to a mangled wreck automatically on death and not revive again. Zombies that work this way might also revive much more quickly; a downed zombie might start crawling around again in a matter of minutes. It would also make sense if crippled zombie variants would upgrade to their base form if left alone for a while.

I dunno, it’s not really a big idea or anything. I’m mostly just wondering if this would be possible with existing mechanics and if anybody else thinks this sounds like a good idea.


I like it as an idea, I mentioned something similar in a recent topic about topic about zombie revivication:

And I think it would be a good way to simulate the blob at work.