Suggestion- Martial art- Break the immersion, Add to the description

What i’m thinking is, Adding a list of the effects ( scaling, grab break, stun, knockback, etc ) in the description of each martial art.

All the information can be attained from two files ( martialarts.json & techniques.json), It can be accomplished either by
1 Simply modifying the descriptions.
2 Changing the “techniques” line to also include effects per move.
3 Adding yet another different field or a tab to the description window to present the more technical info ( or locked behind a key-press ).
[sup]3.5 During a game one may inspect each martial art by clicking on (?) This feature should probably be made available during character creation aswell.[/sup]
4 A script to go around check and compile the effects into text format much like the description generation on the wiki is handled.

inorder to make martial arts as a whole more nab(user) friendly and clear out confusion about what which martial art does ( & how )

[sub][sub]Good idea? Bad idea? should i try doing it myself before i open my mouth? or simply get banned :F[/sub][/sub]
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Great idea. I don’t want to know down to the last detail what a given martial art does, but a really good idea of what I’m getting would be awesome.
All of the options you provided seem like a great solution so I’ll leave that up to people who actually do stuff to the game.