Martial art effect display


I think I’m a bit stupid, but I can’t figure out how to view my martial effects without opening the character sheet. Like for example it’s important to see when Niten Ichi-Ryu is in Waning Moon state etc. I know some of them are predictable, but I keep thinking long times, having interruptions and just getting disoriented. I’d really prefer seeing such effect indicators at all times.

So, how do I display this information in the side bar?




This doesn’t exist, does it? Someone would have said something by now =)

All right. How about I make it a feature request? Would a toggleable section in the side bar where you could display a data item from the character sheet be within the realm of possibility to implement? Or I should probably rephrase that: Possible to implement by someone who knows the code by heart =) Would take me hours and hours to figure it out myself although it sounds like a job of 10 minutes.




Actually, I guess I could try this myself next weekend when I have the time. My plan is to copy one of the toggleable objects in the sidebar e.g. the one showing weapon information and hopefully see a duplicate of it in the sidebar config menu. If that works, then I’ll replace the output with a filtered list of current status effects. I just hope the effect data type holds some identifier indicating which ones originate from martial skills.

Just give me a quick holler whether you think this approach is likely to produce the wanted effect so I won’t be banging my head against the wall. Never really familiarized myself with the project code structure, so biggest challenge is finding the right places.