Martial Arts Ideas, and adding MMA

So I’ve been playing and save scum in the game for about 9 months. I finally invested enough time in a character that I’ve actually started to find martial arts manuals and decided to put make a few suggestions to the martial arts system in game.

What I love and what works well:

The variety

The flavor text

The bonuses

The absurdity.

What I don’t like:


Lack of fluidity


I love that if your character knows judo you take less damage from being thrown and I like that if you know boxing you throw punches more quickly and do more damage. What I don’t love is that if I am holding a knife I suddenly forget all of my grappling and striking fundamentals because I did not switch my martial arts system. I also do not like that certain skills such as countering seemed to be exclusive to certain weapons and the brawling style, even though a counterattack is found in literally every single martial art.

So I’m suggesting that we make a new martial art in the game, that uses bonuses from all of the martial arts that is compatible with all the weapons.

I know that swordsmanship is a specific skill and that you have to train at using a sword to become proficient with it, however distance management is a skill in every single fighting style and if I’m proficient in one let’s say karate and I have experience let’s say hi unarmed skill around 4, then I know the distance at which I can hit you with the sword that you cannot hit me from. by the same token if I know judo and I’m using a knife and you grab me I still know all of my throws and takedowns.

I was thinking similar to how the Muay Thai martial arts skills off of strength have the MMA skill scale off of unarmed and melee. And have it just be a catch-all that if you have MMA activated and you also know silat or eskrima, you will simply use that to your advantage while attacking while still remembering how to counter and break fall from the other martial arts that you know.

What’s everybody think? Is this a good idea or do I just have a small weiner? Let me know down below and let’s get some talking going

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I mean, the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. It’s a very good idea, but I wouldn’t know shit from shinola about how to make the code work.

I’ve never done anything with the code in this game so same here. I think the real trick would be setting the parameters so that it would only apply the applicable martial art to the weapon. Or otherwise keep the same bonus like soft landings in countering and so forth.

I was thinking Silat and Eskrima would be a problem because they both have benefits on the same style of weapons, but then I thought about it and one why not just have both positives? If I know both, if I can use both right