A new direction for the Cataclysm

I’ve been mulling around ideas and I came to one I particularly liked basically it’s an over haul for the game and even a couple new ones outright based on Cataclysm’s lore and storyline.

The overhaul I decided a nice name for would be Cataclysm Wanderlust:
Cataclysm Wanderlust in idea would add new locations difficulties and hostiles along with other fun things

One of the locations I had in mind was an AI core which acts as a soft of local area controller for the machines which with the right skills can be either subverted to help you or destroyed to disable more robots from spawning and it would have a dialogue tree along with quests. Another which gives it it’s name is adding 50 States which can be reached via automated vehicles and highways each state has a separate climate and different buildings and resources.

Unique enemies would be zombified animals native to that area so and example in Alaska zombified polar bears as well as unique hostile wildlife such as turkey vultures (they are huge and have been known to attack and eat humans) in the desert like in Texas as well as different npc presets so dusters and cowboy hats in Texas parkas and scarves in the north and such on(this could apply to zombies as well) different robots for different areas such as corrupted service bots turned into murderous waiters and cooks.

Unique items to each area would be like more/unique gins in Texas as well as greater technological weapons/tools in California(silicon valley) as well as special cbms in some areas such as las Vegas having a a form of time dilation for card dealers so they can read card readers as well similar to uncanny dodge but more for accuracy with weapons due to the fact you’re mind is speed up several times its regular speed allowing you to see where to hit and how your enemy is moving allowing for a greater chance to hit as well as allowing greater criticals.

There is slot more to this but I don’t have the clarity of mind at the moment to continue what I had thought up for it.

The other ideas were a sort of mixture of space station13 and Cataclysm mixing the story lore and some of the game play with space station 13’s game style of a murder mystery.

Some of the things I thought of were that it takes place on the ISS which is city sized were they managed to evacuate a large population of what’s left of humanity. However there are several threats upon ghe ISS such as traitors, demons and other nasties.

Some of the traitors are people who want to usurp the command of the station and take it for themselves some have the backing of the mycus.
Some of those backed by the mycus are Marloss Men these men mutate over time and begin trying to corrupt the station others. Sometimes you have an infected person who starts the outbreak.
Or maybe you bossed the AI a bit too much and maybe it had a bit too much radiation and corrupted it just enough to make it wanna kill you all.
The last idea I had was that the blob got on the station and has begun consuming it(perhaps there is a piercing guiding it?) functional it is the same as the one from space station 13.

The final idea was a strategy game on pat with civilization and maybe one that’s a rts like starcraft or red alert I really don’t have enough mental clarity for this one at all.

I’d love to hear your ideas and what you think of it.

Also I’m thinking there would be a voxel tileset in the ss13 one. The rest I can’t think of what I thought they would look nice with.


Space End game

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Also have a few more ideas for the ss13 like game instead of centcom they have ground control which is functionally the same having a cannon which fires resources and other things into the atmosphere it also constantly scans the station for high danger problems like a fungal infection but only after it has started to give the fungal players a chance to actually do something before the crew tries to burn them out like wise with the other threats save traitors and a few others. Also not sure I mentioned it but it’s a multi-player game where each of the other major enemies is player controlled least that will actively try to kill the station(ie space monsters might be able to destroy the station but they don’t actively try to they just want the crew inside it).

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Space Station 13

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Pick one of these things and start contributing.

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I’m already trying the Space Station13 idea but it’s difficult because they have the most confusing code out there. It’s so bad half the coders for them don’t even know how to change some of the core things like heating and radiation they have even told me its quote "a god damned cluster fuck of code that no one wants to clean up. Which is part of the reason I’m doing it this way and partly because I think it would be awesome to have. Honestly thinking of asking the goon team for help reading BYOND’s code(they use a unique code and is difficult to read). Also would you know where I would post the coding? I was thinking steam because that is where the SS13 community would like it but I’m not sure if that is the best.

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