Suggestion: Trash & Trashcans

Hello Forum,

I propose one thing, that would probably make this game even more realistic:

Trash and Trashcans!

If you think about it, in our current world of cataclysm:dda the player is the biggest producer of trash like aluminium cans, plastic bags, and rotten cooked meat. Do make that overall more realistic I propose to add to most regular houses some place where they store their trash. That can be just the usual useless stuff, so it is mostly for flavour. Yet the trash can occasionally contain something like a half-full lighter, or other stuff that can actually be pretty useful.

I am not sure where to store that trash in the houses; just putting it on a counter seems a bit strange, maybe oyu have some ideas?

Also, I suggest that some of the regular houses have regular trash cans outside and some bigger ones (e.g. the bar) also have bigger trash containers. Perhaps here the could always contain a bag of “trash”, which has to be activated, in order to generate an assortment of more or less useless items.

I hope I could somehow show what my idea is. What do you think? Even if it doesn’t change too much gameplay-wise, I believe that scavenging for stuff in the trash adds alot of flavour and fills a gap that is present in current cataclysm.

Keep up the good work,

There are already trashcans in the game, they are nothing special and I’ve never seen anything spawn in one.

To me it seems like a good idea. I’d suggest making a trashcan the same way bathtubs or counters are, where you can’t see what’s inside of them. Adding more trashcans to the world also provides early players another way of moving and storing items if they can’t find a backpack or something. I am aware of slings, but it’s always nice to have variety.
Also the idea of scavenging in a trashcan for something really makes me feel that it’s the cataclysm, there’s no distinction between people with money and without or anything like that. Everyone is reduced to searching through garbage when trying to survive.

I think the current experimental build is featuring trash in households as far as i remember from when i last played… a few minutes ago…brains failing me.
I definatly found piles of junk items piled up somewhere in houses i just didn t check whether it was within trashcans.

[quote=“OmegaKid, post:3, topic:7040”]To me it seems like a good idea. I’d suggest making a trashcan the same way bathtubs or counters are, where you can’t see what’s inside of them.[/quote]I think they already do that, actually, and if not it’s just a simple flag in the json. Getting garbage to spawn in them would be trickier, though; AFAIK it would require editing all the buildings they appear in.

I am playing with 1888 experimental build, and I am rather sure that there are no trash piles yet. Could be a more recent build and I also turn item spawn down to 0.5 (try it, it improves the feeling a lot!), so maybe I just haven’t found it, yet.

As I said, this is not intended to be a gamebraking change, just one that makes it even more realistic.

Also, as someone pointed out; after the cataclysm everyone is equally desperate to find even mildly useful items (turn down itemsawn as mentioned, and you will know what I mean). Searching in places where people used to throw sometimes even perfectly fine items just makes sense.

Although, adding trashcans as structures to houses would probably mean editing all of those. (Then again, that’s not that much of work, I could even do it myself.)