Tying learning recipes to ingredients

As it is, the gameplay of Cataclysm largely depends on getting access to books for learning some of the more useful recipes. What if instead, learning recipes were tied to level + available ingredients?

In this way, if I picked up one of the ingredients (or however it goes) there would be a message “I think I could do something with this.” Boiling water and cooking meat/vegetables would be level 0 recipes, but then you get oatmeal, and there is the recipe for oatmeal now. More intuitive than just recognizing that since I sewed a pair of pants that I know how to make fur gauntlets, etc.

If you only had to see the object once to get the recipe, then it’d save a substantial amount of time, as you’d only need to check on pick-up. There could be some trade-off with difficulty, so every three levels requires roughly one more component seen.

This could remove a LOT of the tedium of learning recipes, as requiring that specific books bottleneck skill growth is pretty frustrating.

The only way that makes aense is if auto-learn recipes are demoted to only being unlocked if you have the skill and the item instead of just the skill.
The recipes that you learn from books are there because it doesnt make sense to figure them out on your own without prompting.
One alternative would be to have a long action where you experiment with ingredients in order to learn recipes.