Structural windows?

Whenever I smash a window now the building partially collapses. I don’t think this should be happening, the glass in the window isn’t holding anything up.

(Experimental 2073)

Looks like the change that caused this bug was implemented in build 2061. Walls are smashable in that version too, though it looks like you actually need a sufficiently powerful thing to actually damage them. It is hilarious and awful to have the entire building collapses on you when a zombie breaks a window to chase you.

I know exactly what’s causing this and how to fix it, I just won’t have time to get the fix up for review until about 10:30 PM MST time.

No promises I’ll be on-station, but thanks for the notice. I’ll expect it around 12:45 AM US Eastern?

MST, not MDT, I’m in Az so no daylight savings time therefore it’ll be by 1:45 ish eastern.

3:23 here, no sign. Hoping whatever delayed you was a positive delay.

Stumbled on something weird in the collapse code while doing my fix, which took longer than I would have expected to hunt down and fix, and then I ended up tweaking one of the collapse factors along the way which required test destroying many, many buildings (as is a tiny change there results in a big change in building collapse chances). Sorry to keep you up, PR should be up for whenever you (or anyone else if you’ve already gone to bed) get around to reviewing it.

I was playing 0.B (windows + tiles) yesterday and ran into a similar issue as The Lone Badger in the original post. I posted it here since it might very well be the same problem resurfacing.

There was a mansion near my starting shelter and I headed there to pick up loot. Once I had circled the building and killed all the Zeds in the corridors and the 8 outlying ‘M’ squares I headed inside. One of the doors on the center ‘M’ was already partly broken and furious thudding and whamming could be heard. After waiting for a while to see if the zombies would finish the work on the door themselves, I e(x)amined it to find out that the door was listed as ‘partially broken door’ (or words to that effect). But when I tried to (o)pen the door, the game told me that it didn’t exist. After some more waiting and listening the dead folk ineffectually trying to get to me, I decided to give them a hand and (s)mash the door for them. One hit caused the door and the door frame to disappear and the roof to collapse on my character. I was using a mace I found in the mansion, but if it wasn’t something like the Grond (I didn’t check), the effect of the blow felt more like a bug than an intended consequence.

I haven’t yet played the game again so I haven’t tried to see if the same thing would happen again.

I seem to remember there was a problem for a while where the doors didn’t break into frames properly, and just went directly to the ground, which would cause this (and should be fixed in the experimental version). The other possibility is that you and the zombies just happened to break the door twice in very rapid succession, which would just be bad luck.

We removed door/window support for roofs about a week ago, so those shouldn’t collapse roofs when destroyed. ???