2068, floors are smashable and vehicles can't pass over them

Yeah, as the title says. I can’t drive my vehicle into a garage, and sometimes when I smash a window in to get into a house, the floor breaks into rubble for no… Apparent reason.

The vehicle thing is almost certainly a bug. As for the rubble, is the floor actually breaking into rubble, or is there just rubble being placed on top of it (rubble is a furniture now in the experimentals).

Possibly both? Sometimes the floor turns into dirt, sometimes it remains floor.

OK, I’ve got the reason for the window smashing thing, so I’ll try to get a fix up for that. As for the vehicle thing, it look like there is already a fix up for consideration, so hopefully that should get fixed soon.

Thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile:

Was it, like… Floors were re-done a bit so that they weren’t considered the same sort of tiles as dirt/grass/roads were, and were more considered the same way furniture was?

More like there used to be a horrible inconsistent flag that controlled it rather than the actual data and it was replaced, but not quite perfectly for some of the things those little inconsistencies did.

Ah, right. Because floors are… Slightly different in some way from dirt/grass/roads/sidewalks? I dunno the code at all I just play the game.