Street signs and such

Just had an idea to add metal street signs/ traffic/ stop signs to street corners and intersections (destroy for pipes and sheet metal?) as well as street lights at intersections (destroy for electronic scrap/ whatever is inside flashlights). If I knew how, I’d do it, so here’s the suggestion.

Once Z levels come out it’d be pretty cool to have those big signs that stretch up and over the road on freeways. Knock out the base, collect all the scrap. Might also make a decent sniping platform. Or scouting platform? Makes sense that elevation would give a range bonus on your sight on the overhead map.

love it!

I have this mental picture of a person sitting on a plywood sheet with a few cans of food and a rifle with an empty clip sitting 12-20 feet off the ground surrounded by zombies.

Some randomly generated local flavor could be cool. All of the cities, towns, and streets should have names, with the buildings having numerical addresses.

Can’t wait to visit the Lanestreet in the town of Woodforest.

Rangen names always have that RNG quality to it.

Could just have a big list of New England town names and american street names to pull from. No need to fabricate the names out of nothing like world of warcraft or something.

Considering the mileage New England gets out of naming streets after trees, I think we’d be fine on getting a good sized list.

Lois Lane is not un-popular. Drive is also common from when cities took easements over private roads back in the day.

yes, quite common over here