Real new england locations

Anyone from new england or knows the area want to post some cool real locations we can add to the game? Doesn’t have to generate in an accurate location, but would be a neat addition. Possibly some revolutionary war landmarks? When I lived in New Jersey, there were ‘george washington slept here’ signs all over the place.

so a ‘sam adams tarred and feather a brittish sympathizer here’ sign would be cool.
sign of the boston massacre (not referring to the recent terrorist attack)
John Adams law practice
Kennedy Company (I really want zombie Teddy Kennedys)
plymouth rock
first thanksgiving site

some local restaurants/bars and other fun spots could be fun too. local parks too. maybe some road names.

It would be nice to see railways, either abandoned or still in use. Massachusetts is covered with them. May of the abandoned are now paths.

Then you can fix it up and ride it into the next town.

I’d like to see more detail in regards to such things as terrain borders, like the oceans, or mountains. I’d like to be able to travel far enough to leave New England. Then again, the map files for such a thing would be prohibitively large.

New london new leeds new manchester new liverpool etc. Literally new england.

Oh god yes. This deserves its own thread.

I think it is in another three.

Hey, heres an idea: Boats. Boats and docks and ferries and lobsters and fishing.

i live in NY and i guess some nice places are the home of FDR in hyde park (freaking beautiful), Old Post Road which was a major route for, you guessed it, the post, and also during the revolutionary war; pretty much the entire Hudson River is a beautiful sight and there is a lot of historical context… the area is rife with american history, and we get lots of tourism in the fall because the trees are gorgeous when they turn

Plus you still have railways everywhere.

What part of NY you in? I am in upstate myself.

That reminds me of an old suggestion related to that: aquatic vehicles. [size=5pt]Shameless self-plug.[/size]

Now that z-levels seem to be going to be finally eventually implemented it might be worth looking into (they’re needed so you don’t crash against bridges).

I still say (from previous thread) that we should have random names generated for towns and streets. :stuck_out_tongue: for streets you could show it on the tile and also on signs. For town names you could put them on signs just outside of town. Would give the towns some more feeling of being places.

That and it saves our confusion.

We already have names for towns, they just don’t show up anywhere but radio broadcasts right now.

We already have names for towns, they just don’t show up anywhere but radio broadcasts right now.[/quote]

Well how am I supposed to know that then? :stuck_out_tongue: Signs my friend. Just outside of town.
Also, have unique shop names that could have the town’s name in them.

If we allready have something to name them we just need signs to show it. That and names for the shops, instead of just “Gun Store” Or “Bar”.

Did someone say Upstate NY?

Just imagine all the fun you could be having fighting swimmer zombies in the Erie Canal.

Perhaps. But there are better waterways for that in Massachusetts.