It occurred to me there are no street signs in Cata. Yield, Deer X-ing, etc, signs would be an interesting one tile bit of terrain, most likely leaving a pipe and a piece of scrap metal when destroyed.

This is mainly because I want other things to be able to be written on them, graffiti style.

I had this same thought when I was at an intersection one night in an unexplored town, and was wondering why none of the stores have those little sandwich board signs out to make it easier to find them.

Street signs themselves should totally point the way to the nearest hospital, government building, or police station, like they do in most places. Maybe examining them would add a map marker for that area? Or just tell you the direction and distance?

Plus it would tell you the name of a place.

Billboards! A small place where you can hide out from the living thingies!

Also, on the subject of signs, you know what would be neat? Neon display signs on stores. I’m sure at least one place in a city (probably the military surplus store) has a backup generator. It’s still gonna have the lights on. At night, that place should glow just a little. Other places might have battery powered signs in the windows that give off one square of illumination much like computers do.

It’s not a big thing, but I think it would add flavor.

Lead foot (chance to accelerate similar to chance of going full auto with trigger happy)
Speed demon (morale penalty for slow driving/ ignorant of speed in mph) cause crashing is Fun.
Pedestrian (cannot drive above 10 mph)
Farsighted (cannot read or operate computer without glasses)
Clumsy (opposite of parkour, takes longer to traverse difficult terrain)
Random (for many points, allow the game to randomly select a negative trait.)

Reflexes (+x movement points if damaged last turn)
Mad max (+ x movement points if in car)
Hidden strength (when health is low, strength goes up)
Random (get a random positive trait for the low low price of one point.)
Npc related perks (npcs only work somewhat)
Android (too much random. Characters start out superpowerful. This is a tough problem. Maybe split android into several different perks for more specific choices.

wrong thing.