Strange Temple & Artifact Balance

Is the current layout for Strange Temple correct? I created a scenario pack,,

with one of the scenarios starting in the end chamber of the strange temple allowing one to start with an artifact for fun.

However, this scenario has shown me two things:
1- Trying to go backwards to escape the temple seems impossible without debug menu. Is this intentional?

2- After restarting many worlds, trying out various artifacts I’ve come to the conclusion that they need some serious balance tweaking. All the pain in getting in & out of Strange Temple isn’t rewarding at all.

  • If the artifact is a weapon, it never inherits its weapon skills like block or parry.

  • Half the time if it comes with teleport, i kill myself in the wall.

  • The point of these should be double edge swords where they come with a useful perk at the cost of some negative trait, however out of the many times of restarting my scenario, its been like 5% chance of a good perk with a manageable side effect.

Are there plans to tweak the Strange temple layout? And any plans to make artifacts more balanced? They ought to be like mutations where they change up your playstyle, can be useful, but do have a negative side effect.

Strange temple events are hardcoded and barely touched in years.

and i think they were made as end game content, so they are made to be difficult to get in, and not to be able to start from inside