Bugged Strange Temple

This is on Build 7190

What exactly is bugged here? This looks like a regular Strange Temple to me.

ooh for some reason I assumed the temple was an above ground structure. I see what’s going on now :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. First time in a strange temple?? make sure you are well equipped my friend! Many of my long-lived survivors have ended to the difficult trials of the strange temple. Also, be forewarned that the payoff is not really worth the work it takes to get there… Mines are way easier to complete and more exploitable than strange temples…

Basically, strange temples are more for the steel-willed survivor to be able to say that they beat it, rather than actually get a big payoff at the end of the temple.

Maybe I’ll make a post about upping the payoff of these places…

Yeah, first time, and I don’t have an Eye. Almost certainly unprepared anyhow.