Unique artifact, issues with having them kept in my inventory

I lost my unique artifact, a dagger that gave clairvoyance (now invisibility since clairvoyance was somehow bugged). I don’t know where it went, or how it disappeared.

Every time I spawn it back into my inventory via debug menu and save and close the CDDA client, it turns into a spoon with (2/2) charges that gives pain when you (a)ctivate it. Funny, but not helpful.

Can someone point me to the reason this is happening? I’m assuming because the game detects two of the same artifact in the game, and is converting the one in my hand to a joke artifact spoon. Any way to wipe the other misplaced artifact off the game if this is the case?

I posted my earlier tests with my dagger losing clairvoyance back in the tips, tricks and newb questions, but didn’t get any help or replies. If you want to help me with figuring out the problem with that as well, then i’ll dig and find the exact post for you.

I’m on build 10898, and the clairvoyance issue occurred way back to the build it was originally spawned in, and i’m pretty sure it’s an artifact specific issue, not a build one.

I can’t really help you with your problem, but my guess would be that your artifact problems have to do with the ongoing artifact infrastructure rework. Perhaps your ancient relics aren’t adapting properly to the new system or something?

Might be the case. If it is, i’ll find some amigara fault or something and try and re-do the event until I get a dagger and edit it in the artifacts.json.

Did you name your artifact? You could search through the save file…

The artifact had a name, my problems might be because I edited the description of the item to give some personal flavor, but I doubt that’s the case.

By what means? Json, C++ or in game?

.json, by going into the artifact.json and using notepad++ you can edit the description. My artifact reads:

Dagger of Sleeping Aeons

{ "type": "artifact_tool", "id": "artifact_1", "name": "Dagger of Sleeping Aeons", "description": "This is the Dagger of Sleeping Aeons.\nDecorated with engravings of eyes and shifting twilight, it is the only one of its kind.\nIt may have unknown powers; try activating them.", "sym": ";", "color": 532480, "price": 0, "materials": [ "steel" ], "volume": 1, "weight": 394, "melee_dam": 0, "melee_cut": 0, "m_to_hit": 1, "item_flags": [ "SHEATH_KNIFE" ], "techniques": [ ], "ammo": [ ], "max_charges": 6, "def_charges": 6, "charges_per_use": 1, "turns_per_charge": 0, "charge_type": 3, "charge_req": 2, "effects_wielded": [ 31, 7, 24, 9 ], "effects_activated": [ 9, 28 ], "effects_carried": [ ], "dream_unmet": [ "The %s feels needy, like it wants to be touched." ], "dream_met": [ "The press your %s against your skin." ], "dream_freq_unmet": 60, "dream_freq_met": 42 }"

So, if I read and understand that right, you made a custom artifact (since artifact.json does not exist)?

I’d suggest searching your save files for artifact_1 to see if it still exists…

Also, I don’t see anything that would make that “unique” in a sense that the game would try to get rid of it if there’s more than one…

so you might actually need to update some more, because the spoon spawning thing was a way to migrate old artifacts to new artifacts without a bunch of fancy loading code. They’re no longer spoons, but i don’t believe clairvoyance is currently an option for procgen artifacts.

No, it was a game-spawned artifact that I got from an amigara fault. It originally had clairvoyance but I changed it to invisibility since clairvoyance broke in a new build. After that I just changed the description for fun. Everything else was game-generated.

What do you mean by update? Update the game itself? It would be sad if clairvoyance is not available, but for me invisibility works just fine. I just want the damn artifact to stay in my inventory and not convert into spoons when I exit the client. Thanks for the information though, makes things a lot clearer.

Ah, so you’ve edited the artifacts.gsav of that save, not a .json file, got it.

Yes, looks like the solution is updating the game.

Since you’ve already changed around some things, why don’t change some more…?

  • First, backup your save, then create a new mod (assuming you want to update the game in the future and don’t want to make the same core file edit over and over).

  • In this mod, add in a new mutation:

      "type": "mutation",
      "name": { "str": "Artifact clairvoyance" },
      "points": 99,
      "valid": false,
      "description": "Adds the artifact clairvoyance effect back in.",
      "flags": [ "CLAIRVOYANCE" ],
      "debug": true
  • As for "flags", choose whatever your effect was: CLAIRVOYANCE, CLAIRVOYANCE_PLUS or SUPER_CLAIRVOYANCE. I assume it was the “normal” CLAIRVOYANCE.

  • Add your mods id to the mods.json file of your save.

  • Open your game and load your world. This way you can also check if the newly made mod throws any errors.

  • Note the name of your artifact.

  • Exit the game.

  • Open the artifact_item_types.json file in data/json/artifact and search for the name of your artifact.

  • Note the id of the artifact with that name.

  • Open your characters .sav file.

  • Search for the id of the artifact.

  • That entry should have a "passive_effects" entry, which in turn should have at least either one of "has": "WIELD" or "has": "HELD" entries.

  • In the “mutations” entry of that tag, add in the id of your mutation, including the double quotes (if you followed my suggestion, that would be "ARTIFACT_CLAIRVOYANCE_EFFECT").

  • Save the file, load up the game and your world… Done. Aaand you should have your clairvoyance back.

i did mean update your game; just yesterday #42971 merged which removes all instances of the previous artifact code in favor of the new relic code, so if you update to day you won’t even be able to do anything with artifacts.gsav

I do think adding the possibility of mutations to appear on procgen artifacts would fit quite well, though i’d want a pretty good list of them with appropriate power levels to feel ok about including them in the json.

I see. What can you tell me about the new relic code versus the old artifact code? I’m not privy to what you guys do on the github, so any info would be nice.
My main question is if I can edit the values and switch between different effects on the new relics, since I guess my old artifact is basically now obsolete lol.

There’s a way to change the values around, as I’ve described 2 posts back excessively…

Also, if I understood that “it turns into a spoon to make the transition easier” right, your artifact is still an artifact (or now a relic if you want to see it that way).

The new artifacts are basically (from what I can see) plain and “useless” items that hold special powers. Theoretically (untested, just what I can see by the code) you could add these powers to all and any items.

Since they are now “normal” items, they - as KorGgenT mentioned - are no longer saved to artifacts.gsav but go into your normal inventory save file (or map save file, if you drop them).

There are some precoded effects (as before) to make use off - but you can basically assign any mutation (if I understand that code right) to an artifact, allowing you to “drop and pickup” mutations at will (not sure if it makes use of it like that - yet).

Sorry for the late reply, and thanks a lot for your help on it. I just updated my game and found that the artifact doesn’t exist anymore. I’m not mad though, (I honestly never really needed/considered it absolutely vital anyway.) I just spawned in a cloaking CBM to replace the new effect that I made it give to replace the then-broken clairvoyance. I’m thinking of doing another hunt for unique artifacts/relics.

Do unique clairvoyance artifacts exist/can be generated in the current build? Do you know where I might spawn in and easily edit an existing item (like a spoon) to produce relic/artifact-like effects, without having to dig through and do some .json/gsave work? The more I think about it, the more a blindfold, a spoon or something inane like a pebble or a glass bottle can magically make my character see through walls or fade into invisibility sounds hilarious and very entertaining.

Also, if you or anyone else can tell me where I can find these new unique relics that would be nice as well, it seems you’re a lot better at diagnosing and digging through the code than I am.
I’m guessing you can find these relics at the same spots/areas you found the old artifacts, like temples or amigara faults.