Stop Going Commando (Suggestion: Give Professions Underwear)

Now that the various types of undergarments are in the experimentals, we should probably head into the apocalypse wearing undies (or mom would be mad).

Lost submissive probably shouldn’t have undies, nor the prostitute. :wink:

Actually, is there a way to set gender to select and autogive the right equipment? Picking male always gives Briefs or Boxers, picking female always gives Bra & Panties.

… on that note. Is there a way to have gender-specific professions? Bride / Groom, for instance, feel like they should be one option but the loadout depends on gender choice.

Maybe an undershirt for men as well? That way there won’t be the miniscule, but still there women get more clothing on start then men.
I don’t think gender specific professions would really fit, and prostitutes should still get their underoos. I:

And on the same note, why is the backpacker the only profession with socks? No socks, no underwear… it truly is dark days…

It’s pretty funny to start playing as a hobo girl and just have your tits hanging out all over the place.

I honestly don’t mind a difference between starting clothing for men and women, it’s not like cloths and rags are hard to find/make anyway.

Starting clothing in general is pretty inconsequential. Just look at how many people choose the shower victim.

It’s not about gameplay, it’s all about realism. I don’t care how easy it is to make socks I’m still going to wear them when I evacuate. : P

All jokes aside, I do think that the gender role aspect will be addressed by further NPC interaction updates. Other then "\feminine products and clothing I don’t think it would make much difference. And don’t say strength… men can be weak and women can be strong.

Maybe intellegence : P

I don’t like where this is going. Let’s just stick to cloths buddy.

Since there is underwear in the experimentals they will probably be added to the starting classes eventually.

Though clothing is really the least of my worries with the broken profession system.

Lol, I hope you’re not talking about my post cause your post has “tits” “hanging all over the place.” That being said, I’m sure the character creation is due for a revamp right after z-levels. Then npcs, then the world… raises fist in the air as all around cheer

NPCs are being reworked at the moment. Char-creation & professions are both being looked at too.