Steel frame with undefined-s?

I pulled a pair of doors off of a car to replace them with quarterpanels. when I went to move them to the side, I noticed they were different. instead of a regular “steel frame” they were called “steel frame with undefined-s” and they had a bit of extra description reading “a strange shimmering… nothing. you think it wants to be a .”

any idea whats up with this?

It’s a broken item.

somewhere in the code we’re trying to create an item without supplying the name. thanks for reporting.

ah ok. thanks for moving it I guess. I wasn’t aware it was a bug. I thought it was a special item or something that would add some benefit to my car. like an artifact for vehicles.

Could you post the version of your game? It’s on the main menu and looks something like 0.A-1234-g24f567.

same bug happened. versions are 0.A-1533-35f83eb and 0.A-1547-d54b132.
when i removed “opened” car’s door or “opened” trunk door, it will change into “steel frame with undefined-s” instead of regular one. but these of “closed” one has no problem. (can get regular “steel frame”)

sorry for my terrible english.

I’ve had this happen with headlights and reinforced headlights, too, but I can’t figure out how to replicate it in 8a09250.

Thanks for pointing out that it only happens on open doors, that seems to be the issue. I syspect the headlight issue is because it’s in a non-standard state as well, like being on.

Thanks for the bug report, fixed:

… aand fix got merged in half a minute ago!

Found one in an LMOE shelter.

A strange shimmering…nothing. You think it wants to be a ."
Found it inside the guns locker.

Version: 6def3c2

Crashes the game when i try to “E” it half the time and the other half says it dosent have enough charge.
Now if you excuse me i need to make it a shrine and worship it.

Looks like BevapDin found it: