Stealth Vehicle Idea

Today, I just modify my vehicle became a seal off car, which means, there’s no windows, the only way to watch outside the car is through the security cameras system

then, I came out a idea, how about we make a special vehicle, it has the night vision, and It make a black special material, you know, just like Stealth Bombers

and vehicle it self are seal off, completely isolate the outside, you can through the night vision camera to watch outside the Vehicle and it will make very small noise

think about the batcar, something like that, this vehicle will be perfectly for the night travel on a town or something, because it dosn’t create a light, that wont draw much attention

by the way, any one plan to make a missile launcher on the vehicle, so I can driving a vehicle like NOD Stealth Tank.

I’d like the idea of a stealth vehicle that’s invisible to robots/turrets targeting systems but visible to everything else.

Night vision camera would probably be way harder to implement than it sounds.

As for noise: just use electric engines.

I don’t think having a mounted rocket launcher is a good idea. First of all, so much noise when you use one. Secondly, you cannot make an explosion silent.

Instead, use mounted silenced sniper (if there’s one)

As far as I’m aware, stealth technology is exclusively for RADAR and other detection devices. A stealth jet is still very much visible and you can look straight at it.

Camouflage, however - THAT would be a nice touch. Probably a bitch to code but it’d be pretty sweet. Hordes are nasty, so just sit there and wait it out, y’know?