Car Ideas?

So I’ve taken a sweet spot for car making, and I thought, why not ask people from the forums if they had any car concepts, ideas or other stuff. This is what I’ve got:

Already done
-Electric Sports Car.
-Electric/Normal SUVs.
-Security vans.
-SWAT Trucks.
-Atomic sports car
-Superalloy plated police car.

-All terrain cars with and without rigid roofs. (aka Jeeps)
-Double bicycle.
-Normal Cars with V8s/V6s
-Sports Motorcycle.
-A ranger SUV.
-Hotdog/ Icecream trucks

And well thats all ive currently got, and well most of them err to the side of very uncommon cars.

We need an oldschool musclecar.

Super heavy, huge frame frame with a gigantic engine.

  • Partially kitbashed vehicles made by other survivors
  • Tractors
  • Food trucks
  • Demolition-derby modded vehicles
  • Mining trucks (hueg)

We need construction sites with bulldozers, a bunch of tools, a special zombie type, and half finished structures (frames and stuff everywhere.)

A gokart would be cool :wink:

Wrecking balls. Smash ALL the zombies!

how about a historical tank such as a sherman or t34. very heave armor but slow and can go through tree and buildings.

A gurney for hospitals and ambulances that are foldable.

There was actually a suggestion to include tanks some time ago, but it seems to have been turned down due to the difficulty in coding multi-tiled parts (aka the main cannon).

My suggestions:

-Big white vans with bondage clothing inside

-Bicycles that can be chained to bicycle racks (requires lockpicks or an acetylene torch to untie the bikes)


-Atomic motorcycles

-Battle bots. Small vehicles made out of light frame that have a couple blades or spikes mounted on them, they can be remote-controlled and used to smash into enemies at a low speed.

I’ve always thought Dune Buggies would be a cool addition, both civilian recreation models and militarized fast attack vehicles. I think a lot of this boils down to me wanting to plow through a zombie horde at 80MPH in a spike covered Mad Max mobile, but hey.

Yes! Dune buggies would be killer.

I guess we could go all Manson Family style and make our own out of VWs and old sports cars, but being able to find one in already-working condition would be nice too.