Status of Missile Silos

What is the current status of missile silos?
The wiki describes how it’s possible to start a missile, but is that really still true? Tried 2 silos now and there is no option to launch. Just disarm. That’s all.
Also there seems to be confusion about “Missile Silo” and “Nuclear Missile Silo”. All Silos are nuclear, aren’t they?

Thanks for the game!

The function of applying the bomb effect on the map was broken to start with, and the option to do that was removed as a result while retaining the silo location as a place to explore.

Thank you very much for the clarification. Is the wiki updating automatically or should we at least mention the change?

The wiki is perpetually out of date on most things, and unless someone takes on the task of updating and maintaining it for this continually changing game, I would disregard it entirely.