Nuclear missile missing?

This is the third silo I’ve been to that is totally missing its missile. Before and disarming it there is no actual -missile- in world for me to mess with after disarming.

I think they have a chance for not having missiles. Not sure never really played with them.

If the stray newspaper pages in game lying around were right about troop movements, accusing other countries for the catastrophe that’s just starting to go down, who’s to say nukes weren’t launched on other nations? Maybe even launched on home soil if they thought a situation was beyond all control. An ICBM could hit anywhere in the world, so not all/many/any silos may still be housing nukes.

That line of reasoning is kind of bunk when you consider that I can still launch it successfully. This is some kind of code issue on experimental, I’ve never seen the actual missile in the silo, it’s just some phantom empty space that is nothing but ledges.

If you actually used the launch console and you either got deef or the place that you destroyed is a bunch of ruble then you did it if not then I dunno the silos always work with me