First missile silo - I am confused

So I’ve found a missile silo, fought the turrets, found out that I need a long rope to actually climb down because elevator decided to go on a vacation and stairs just weren’t there.

Had to trek back home for a long rope, used it, and…

Is it a bug? I mean, underground trees would already be kinda strange, but the level itself is a carbon copy of the topside, including turrets and searchlights… except there are no stairs down, and the elevator still doesn’t work :confused: Do I maybe have to bring mining equipment and mine downstairs? Or this place is just bugged and there’s no point in doing it?

Yeah, that’s a bug. Ive never seen that before.

usually missile silos are like that (except for the part that got bugged with the trees and searchlights), every floors has some different thins on it, like one having dorms, other having medical supplies, and the last one having the computer to launch the missile

Yes but there should be more than one underground floor, right? There were no stairs down on floor -1.

The world you’re playing in is generated long ago? This bug seems to be encountered only in a very old world.

My first backup was made at 11th oct so the world is no more than 2 months old. 2.5 tops.

The bugfix was merged on 20th of October. I’m afraid your world might not yet apply the fix.