Missle Silos! And nukes! Bring me nukes!

Yes. The holy missile silos, the ones where you nuke everything and have flaming eyes spawn (Damn you all flaming eyes!) for no reason!
What I was thinking, is the payload these things drop.

Nuclear/ICBM/Tactical Nuke: These would be super, super rare but amazing. If you consider blowing up about 2/3s of the map up, leaving a radioactive crater !!FUN!! like I do.
Special Affects: If hits river, River becomes radioactive. City Hoard Spawning stops, Random Jabberwocks in area! (or mutants…)

Acid: These would destroy houses, loot, zombies. But if launched just right, you can get rid of that pesky fungal area without destorying everything, leaving it habitable.
Special Affects: Can pollute river, kills most of wildlife.
(I would add more, but my laptop is almost de-)
(Feel free to add more, I’ll be back tommorow.)

Dude, we have nuclear missile silos. Its just that they are very rare.

Their explosion is kinda meh though

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:2, topic:6378”]Dude, we have nuclear missile silos. Its just that they are very rare.

Their explosion is kinda meh though[/quote]

Good for giving the giant middle finger to fungal spires though.

Wait, they are finally able to destroy fungal spires and not just turn everything BUT A SPIRE into a rubble?

No they still won’t kill anything, but I think that the regional spawning of fungaloids requires the Fungal bloom overmap tile and the fungal spire to exist together.

So I think it works. Kinda.

So they still need a buff?

(Just using flip phone so gramner mistakes inbound!)

Missle silos would awesome if we add close range, and long range types.
Fungal spires need something to kill them, and it destorys slime pits.
I think… Besides we could have missle desginators for close range, which you would have to
Synch to a nete ork to fire said missle, while long range is manual.
Networks could vary on access like going to radio tower to fire close range if you
Have AMAZING com skills, and a fire desginator so a region (50 map squares for artillery, 150 for short missles, connection radios 200 squares)