Big spoiler disscussion

So, if that hasn’t scared you away then read this you lot!

I have noticed that Nuclear Missile silos have NOT been discussed in the wiki or the forums.
Is this because nobody has seen them ecept me or what?

I am playing the new graphic release and I have found some silos and launched a few nukes so they ARE real.

Its just a 3x3 building with a military i.d machine and a large metal area nearby.
the lower levels are a few supplies ranging from weapons to tools to food aswell as hazy clouds randomly placed.
The bottom level has a sealed off chamber with a metal door. on your side of the chamber is a computer that is REALLY hard to hack.
When you do it asks if you want to disarm it or launch it.

…Well after you “choose” (arm) it puts up a map and you get to choose where you launch it.
Its blast is 4x4 on the WORLD MAP and leaves rubble and hazy clouds and toxic gases. A cool feature is that on the other side of the chamber the is a big explosion and fire and stuff when you launch.

Ty for listening to my first post

They’re notoriously buggy and have been disabled several times now.

Newb thinks just because finding something rare for him means that no one has ever found it.

Look at me, newb and gaze upon my loins, for they are the most badass-ist you’ve ever seen.

I’ve killed flaming eyes with my fists, survived with -20485 hunger and -10858 thirst and still lived, smashed through five buildings when my first joyride went crazy and lived, ran over a jabberwock with a beetle and lastly…

Killed an NPC with a none.

(Pro tip: you can close the curtains on certain windows.)

Look at me, newb and gaze upon thine loins, for they are the most badass-ist you've ever seen.

I think you wanted mine instead of thine. Staring at your own genitals for prolonged periods of time isnt going to do much for you gamewise.

You can also occasionally find CBMs in a silo and the crater the missile leaves will be fairly radioactive. They are great for dealing with fungal spires

I found one in my game though. Using one of the recent experimentals. I upgraded to a newer version since then. I hope the place still works.

Oddly enough, launching a nuclear missile at yourself doesn’t kill you.

In fact, with proper equipment you can fire a nuke at yourself and leave the area scot-free.