Stats dropped and I dont know why

I started with 10, 8, 10, 10. And Statsthroughskills has increased them. Strength was at 13 already.
I only noticed it, when I tried to read a book and it was very slow.

Debug console says, health is alright (at around 0)

is it influenza? or infection? or withdrawal from drugs? Or radiation?

If it was a condition your character was aware of like being drugged, it would show in the effects underneath Happy.

I Think this might be a bug if your stats have indeed dropped.

Might be lacking vitamins if you have them on. Not sure if they will hit stats, I’ve never let them drop that low.

Looks like the statsthroughskills algorithm went on the fritz when it tried to recalculate. If it was an artifact, or a condition the stats would be red with your (base) stats unaffected.

There’s an edit player/npc option in the debug menu if you can’t get it to recalculate on it’s own.