My stats are all 8

i just noticed whilist playing that for no reason it is displaying all of my stats at 8 even though my stats started as
9 str
14 dex
10 int
does stat scaling mess with your atributes

Yes, stat scaling completely replaces your base stats with values based on your skill levels.

well, at least its no longer realevent to that game cause i opened the door to a hulk causally hanging out in a random house.

though i thought it meant that stat scaling is reduced based on how much stats you get from stats.

whelp time to make a compleatly op character from fast learner :stuck_out_tongue: that will most definitly get thrashed by a hulk

By “stat scaling”, do you mean the “Stats Through Skills” mod? Because I tried it yesterday as well (game version is 0.C-4506-g8333882) but my stats remain at 8 even though my skills improve. Are they supposed to reach 5 or more to get an effect ?

Thanks a lot (and thanks for the awesome game!)

Stats Through Skills scales stats at midnight. If you’re still on on day 1 you won’t have seen a change yet.

I’m on day 8 so probably there is something else !

I made a couple of tests with the Stats Through Skills mod (game version is now ga3972cc compiled on Ubuntu with tiles). Even though I start a character with stats different than 8/8/8/8 and wait until midnight, my stats don’t change and no message appear. I’m very new to the game and don’t know (yet) how it works internally but it seems to me from the mod lua code that a message should appear at midnight :

[code]–Increasing stats by skill
local MOD = {}

mods[“StatsThoughSkills”] = MOD

function MOD.on_day_passed()
game.add_msg(“Calculating new stats based off skills”)

I think I got it ! I compiled it without LUA support… My bad and sorry for multi posting !

No problem, hopefully if someone else has the same problem they’ll find the answer because of this thread :slight_smile: