Stats through skills is amazing and broken

Got 17 strength and other ridiculous numbers from just having a few different mildly developed at day 1 skills highest is 5, I think stats through skills should either only add to stats from skill increases chracter creation independent for most about 100% or increase your stats to a limited degree unless your lifting cars by yourself a limited amount like how calisentehtics works. I imagine if lathes are ever added brass, lead, potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal will get turn you into megamind or give you the ability to see really far and shoot your sketchy match head hand loaded and made cartridges.

It is easily configurable via json:

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Ran a quick test using the debug menu; On a character with 8 in all stats, raising all skills to 10 caused all stats to rise to 13. So it gives a maximum +5 to each stat, and most characters will probably only ever get between +2 and +4 because some skills are obnoxious to train and/or don’t have high level books.


cough cough swimming cough cough dodge cough cough computers :stuck_out_tongue:


i feel like im missing certain information on how to easly level those skills… could you be kind enough to elaborate the reason for that cough xD?

Quite the opposite, those are some of the more obnoxious ones to grind up, I don’t think I’ve ever got above base 8 dodge and only 10 computers on one, maybe two characters.

The thing is you could raise your physical stats just by reading and it raises no matter how high they are so you could be dex 16 gets dodging to 5 unarmed to 7 and simply driving to 4 death mobile cough cough should be perception cough cough and end up with dex 20 so its like the dwarf fortress book keeper getting superdwarven strength from just recording information (that spreads into the future for some reason) without any sort of tools besides a meager office.

and thats not even incluiding mutations xD

Has cbms installed reads a few books chugs mutagen power level OVER 9000!

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I dont think the calculations work the way you think they do; dex 16 + dodge 5 + unarmed 7 + driving 4 = dex 18. Even putting all three of those skills at 10 only reaches 19 dex. There are severe diminishing returns. Also lets not forget that starting with 16 strength costs you 10 points, two of which have to come from starting scenario or other stats if you’re using the default multi-pool system.

I’m not saying the mod makes perfect sense or that you should like it, but you’re exaggerating a lot and it only takes a couple minutes with the debug menu to check the real numbers on this stuff.

Last thing was sarcasm (mostly) but booklearning and simply being trained can change your stats, but irl you can read the repair book about your 1999 ford f250 but you’re not going to get stronger the problem is that the game doesn’t discriminate the difference between real experience skill gains and npc training/books so the mod is just going to read it as skill level up better make you stronger from reading martial arts weekly.

Well, you can’t learn martial arts just by reading a book in the first place, do you? You still need to at least practice all those fancy katas (nevermind it will take you months, minimum, to see any progress). With current learning system we either assume you practice (and build up stats) between reading sessions, or else we have to concede a wizard did it.

I’ve only reached 11 max (starting form 8 and 9) after about 30 game days play. Wilderness start.