Static Spawns and Noise

I am pretty much using the default world options, other than setting Static NPCs to true.

So, does that mean when I clear an area of zombies, critters, monsters, etc… that’s it, the area is clean? Even if I then start setting of huge explosives? Or does noise actually cause things to spawn? or is that only with dyanic spawn?

Wiki is very vague on all this.

Only wander spawn cares about noise.

the zombies themselves if inside the reality bubble will still come though… I think.

Same as if they saw you, though I may be wrong that seems logical to me.

New zombies will not spawn however, or enter the reality bubble, unless you move towards them so they are inside.

So, really no downside to guns or explosives, other than it will draw the attention of all the zombies nearby?

You could blow up a c-4 and the only zombie who will look for the source of the explosion is the one in your reality bubble. Zombies outside your reality bubble will not come for you. Hope this helps!

Sidenote: doing this with wander spawn on the other hand… Leave the area by any means necessary, the area will be swarmed by zombies. I gave an Npc a primed C-4 for science.

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