Noise needs to be more important

When we had non-static spawns noise was critical. if you made noise zombies would spawn. noise doesn’t do that much any more. i think we need to make noise more dangerous. I also think we should add a couple of skills and/or traits that help both sides of noise. Noise does draw mobs, but it doesn’t seem to be as critical

  1. car alarms: if you or zombies walk over cars there is a chance the alarm will go off. you need to use disarm to turn it off and it may not be that easy.
    – blowing stuff up near cars or shoot cars can set off the alarm.
    – this can be used to lure zombies to certain locations.
    – bumping into cars can set off alarms…

  2. i think noise above a certain point should auto spawn more zombies in town like it used to up to a certain point. this would be on top of the static spawn. this would probably need to be a hardcore option or a mod. alot of people will hate this. its for people who have played a long time and want more of a challenge or for late game when you are very strong.

  3. noise emitters outside can summon worms. kind of like in Dune. or if they are near hives/ant spawns/fungaloid spawns.

The point of static spawn is for the spawning to be static. Once monsters have spawned they do not spawn again (Unless there is a spawner boss nearby)

As it stands in Static, noise /does/ affect zombies, if you were to for example fire a shotgun everything inside the reality bubble is attracted to the source of the noise. That said, it might be interesting to have sound over a certain point ‘pull’ zombies from outside the reality bubble in.

That said, I’d love to see the ability to toggle Static Spawning off and on once the map has already been generated, or at least switch it once in a game.

  1. I’d actually like to see noise be less important. Right now you can still magically make thousands of swamp creatures or wildlife spawn with a loud car, something that is totally strange.

  2. If you want a more hardcore option you might consider turning up the spawn density option.

  3. There are plans to make zombies moan occasionally while chasing you, meaning that they will be much more likely to draw the horde down on top of you.

The swamp creatures, oh god the swamp creatures.

I’m rather fond of a better noise system. Right now, it feels like two extremes. something in between wouldn’t be that bad.

I like the car alarms idea.

If there were car alarms, would it be applied like a car part? This could point out that only working cars had them still active. But then again, you would need activate the controls by getting in the front seat to turn it off. Or by wasting 30 minutes taking it out to shut it up forever. This might force you avoid getting the zombie AI to crowd over usable cars.

If it wasn’t a car part, how can you differentiate a shopping cart, steel frame, or wreckage from having alarms? This is a technical problem which I have no experience in so I’ll leave it at that.

Car alarms could be a chore to turn off and avoid. They might be useful noise-emitters, don’t zombies follow you and your scent instead? I personally don’t use noise emitters and get by fine just killing zeds with melee or using a pheromone anyways.