Static Spawn w/drifting zombies/repopulating zombies?

Once you’ve cleared out the area around your homebase in static, conflict can become kind of rare, unless you build a deathmobile and go on the roam. This also means that there’s essentially no value whatever to be found spending your time digging in and fortifying - moats, walls, automated solar-powered .50 turrets, all are essentially window dressing.

So I would suggest that (with this option on,) zombies sometimes spawn and drift across the map, in much the same way that NPCs do. If the player intercepts one by bringing the reality bubble into contact with the zed - or if it wanders into the player’s reality bubble, it spawns in and becomes realized, sticking around as if it were a static spawn; if not, then it drifts away into the aether, never to be seen again.

Also, if the player has the Scout trait, then wandering zeds/monsters would appear on the map screen the way wandering NPCs do. This would let the player decide if they want to evade/intercept intentionally.

You could also have a wandering horde, which functions, well, much like a horde on Dynamc. But, if a wandering horde passes an area that has already been cleared, new monsters will be spawned-in, representing zeds and others which became separated from the pack for generic monster reasons, thus giving the player new challenges to deal with in previously-cleared territory.

Anyway, just some thoughts I had.

Thats the Wander spawn option, thats already a thing, i believe scout also does that with wander spawn enabled. Basically roving zombie spawn points. though admittedly sometimes a wandering “horde” is two zombies and their pet dog

That also brings with it wandering spawns out of nowhere, though, doesn’t it?

That’s what I don’t like, zombies mysteriously teleporting in as if Mirror Captain Kirk were orbiting the planet with a long-range acoustic device, saw “Oh, the player is making noise! Beam down a few zeds just out of sight to screw with him.”

Or have I misunderstood some of the options?

I’ve been working on this feature on and off for a long time now, turns out it’s complicated.

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Except this has them spawn a decent distance away instead of spawning inside my base where they apparently teleported past my boarded up windows and doors.

Like I said: it’s like Mirror Kirk is beaming them down off the ISS Zombieprise.

Ooooh, alternative option: have a transporter effect, sounds and lights, happen when zombies “spawn in” like that. Just to rub it in.

My version doesn’t have that issue, it’s specifically using code similar to how static spawning works, but for zombies that move around without the player being present.
Just acknowledging that yes this needs to happen, and I’m working on it.