Bring back dynamic spawns

I’m boooooored.

I want a challenge.

I cleared a town out (is there an easier thing than that?) and I feel like nuking the place because it has no reason to exist anymore.

I’ve set up a base. Hauled tons of loot. I mean tons. Dozens of 1000L piles. I’m not leaving that shit behind but I have to if I want to have ANY fun in the game.

I didn’t bother securing my base in any way, because from previous games I’ve learned that’s a stupidly pointless endevour. Monsters NEVER come close.

I want a horror thriller. I want to constantly be on the edge. I want to weigh my choices carefully. I don’t want to be just stuck in a sandbox with absolute freedom and complete carelessness. I’m too damn old for that.

Dynamic spawns solve all of that. Dynamic spawns of hordes would be cool. Dynamic spawns of hordes who actually react to noise, light and go after the player constantly would be awesome.

With static spawns it’s lame. Too many Zs in town? Just don’t go there. Doesn’t really matter how much you crank up spawn rates. It’s just more tedium of kiting more Zs out of town or driving them over with a car.

Zombies HAVE TO go after the player when the player is not ready. They can’t just sit there, waiting for the player to get ready and fight on players terms with full health and a reach weapon.

All that current hordes really do is just clear portions of the town out completely so the player doesn’t even have to fight at all to get all the loot there is, and static spawns only turn a world which already doesn’t have that much in it to begin with into an empty desert.

It’s a bit like with snow. When it falls it seems so pristine it makes you want to step on it and once you do it’s no longer interesting.

Isn’t Wander/Dynamic Spawns an option you can just enable in World Options now?

No, used to be. Now you can only set wander spawns 9hordes) to true or false.

Yes. That would be the option to enable it. Set it true and it’s enabled.

However as far as I know it still has the teleporting zombies problem where you’re inside your base behind your boarded up doors and windows and all of a sudden because you made noise a zombie or a group of zombies suddenly teleports past all those boarded doors and windows to attack you instead of spawning outside of them and having to break them down to get at you.

…um, no? It’s hordes. Not dynamic spawns. Nothing to do with it.

am still tryng to find out how to survive 1 uear in the game whitout making zombies easyer to kill and slower

Horde is actually the more balanced version of dynamic spawn.

When you camp in the larger towns, new zombies always pop out now and then. Only when you live in the wild far from cities, you see no zombies.

I think a “night-time danger” should be added.Something like where a survivor would be attacked late at night (if certain conditions are met,obvs not on night 1) by nether creatures/fungals and then by daybreak the creatures would run off to the forest/retreat through portals.Yeah actually a fungal attack would be pretty cool as I remember reading on the timeline ( of a squad of army soldiers that were overrun in the building they were holed up in by fungals.

This should be made toggleable of course,but would still give a reason for players to fortify when static spawns are off.

I always wanted to try playing with static/dynamic spawning combo.

try a mod.

though wanders would also serve well. wanderers inherited most of the annoying parts of dynamic spawn. like zeds spawning in plain sight, or no peace once you have cleared an area.

yes, if i clear a street corner in the midgame, I would like 15 minutes of game time to loot safely

Once you clear the whole town there’s no more Zs with wanders.

No more mobs for a while. Eventually wander hordes will come strolling by to threaten you.

I always play with static + hordes. Keeps things interesting.

I think a “night-time danger” should be added.Something like where a survivor would be attacked late at night

…so, bogeymen?