Static spawn on by default on git

I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but it seems static spawn in on by default in git.
(I guess this was for easy testing, and someone forgot to turn it off?)

If this is intentional, then the option description needs to be updated.
The game tells you that ‘default is F’

Technically static spawns are off. Dynamic spawns are broken so there is no init grace period and any difficulty mob can be spawned at the start. The bug was introduced when some code was moved around with the new monster groups.

The method GetMonsterFromGroup has two problems. First difficulty needs to be wrapped by the method HOURS. Currently a difficulty 8 monster is prevented from spawning in the first 8 turns, instead of the first 8 hours. Secondly the method must return a monster, fixing the first bug stops specials but regular zombies are the default and will be spawned if nothing else is legal. The uses of the method are not prepared for a null return so that change will take a little more work.

I found the bug but don’t have the time to form a proper fix and submit it, just hacked the HOURS part into my game so at least I didn’t get hulks at the city outskirts on hour one.

I’ve run a search through the forums but I can’t find any explanation: my problem is as the poster’s above:

1: static spawn is “TRUE” by default

2: if you make it “FALSE”, zombies stop spawning after an initial wave.

So, what goes? Am I doomed to play my cata games fighting only sparrows and bears?

The only bug is the message that static spawn defaults to F, the default is T, and has been since 0.3.