Starting without water

No profession should start without water without a very good reason. I would say 99% of the people out there know the importance of water. At the very least the survivalists should have water and probably even some water purifying pills.
Also think survivalist should start with an emergency blanket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most professions are caught more or less unprepared and forced into DDA with what they were wearing/carrying. Good enough reason IMO: I don’t carry a bottle of water on me 24/7.

It’s a wilderness survivor. Of course they are going to have water…

Idk, I carry water around 24/7 in a cup with a straw.

Good point.

I was replying to the first two line, thank you very much:

Survivalists getting a plastic bottle of clean water, sure, that can be considered. (Code limitation: clean water can only be given in plastic bottles or uncontained, so far as I know. You want a different container, you have to put the clean water into it yourself. :-/ )

Ok. That explains it. (code limitations) :stuck_out_tongue:

I just think about anyone who is truly survival minded (like the profession is supposed to be) would have some means to purify water. I like the fact that they start with a canteen. It fits. So let’s use the code limitations and what they already have together to make a simple scenario. You start playing the survivalist right as they have run out of water. I believe they should have some means to purify some water on them. Either a water purifier or a bottle of the water purification pills. I’d go with the pills as they are more compact and make more sense for a bug out bag.