Adding relevant books to some starting professions

With a few things going on with crafting as of late (proficiencies being added, some of the more “abstracted” recipes being made obsolete, recipes in general being added, etc), I have a feeling it’s probably a good time to add some relevant books to professions that you would logically expect to carry such a book with them.

So, before I make tany push requests on github, I’d like to discuss a bit what books will make sense for what professions (and also whether or not any of them will need point-cost adjustment).

So far I have the follow professions in mind:

  • handy man — 101 Crafts for Beginners
  • electrician — Electronic Circuit Theory
  • blacksmith — The Streetfighter’s Sidekick … I guess…? Lots of books here that kind-of make sense, but they are mostly a bit too high level.
  • tailor — Sewing Techniques for Designers
  • home mechanic — Popular Mechanics, Under the Hood
  • medical resident — The Big Book of First Aid
  • survivalist — Outdoor Survival Guide
  • survivalist jr. — Pocket Survival Guide
  • roadie — What’s a Transistor?
  • paramedic — First Responder Handbook
  • helicopter pilot — army improvised field repairs manual
  • trucker — Under the Hood
  • combat medic — First Responder Handbook
  • bionic prepper — Outdoor Survival Guide
  • camper — Pocket Survival Guide

Cal Camper started with a Nature photography guide that was good for survival training.

At this point, He could use some different books.

Any particular suggestions?

Does anyone other than studets tend to carry around books? I’d argue that book availability is more dependent on starting location than profession.

Well, survivalists/backpackers most definitely take relevant books with them if they intended to survive off the land (to help identify eatable plants/mushrooms, if nothing else, i.e. ).

Most craftsman also tend to have relevant books at hand. They may not precisely carry them on person all of the time, but neither do they carry all of their tools on person all of the time. But most such professions rather obviously assume that they were able to grab staff from their workshop.

Boy Scout handbook (or equivalent) - train survival and first aid to 1