What's the single most important item for any survivor to have?

In your opinion, and by whatever criteria you like.

A monocle.


A crowbar, I’d say. Or a needle/thread.


Any type of backpack…



Katana, obviously. You may want to become friends with that animu nerd everyone laughts at. When the zombie apocalypse hits he’s going to rapid strike the shit out of it.

A knife imo.

Combat knife specifically is amazing for everything you may need it to do.


CATA-Boy 3000…

…Well, Once it’s implemented if it isn’t already.

A comestible.

Definitely Tactical Meth (To quote Jakers, or whomever said it first)

vitamins… no wait…
some form of blade to be used for butchering/cutting…no wait…
something blunt(preferably hammer) and screwdriver as added bonus…mmm yea this ones good
you can always pulp instead of butcher (though no survival XP)

hmm multi-tool or a belt with multiple tools is very good to have. I would say this is most important if available.<< winner.

On that note I want to start a movement to change the name of multi-tool to pletherman. as all multi-tools found today are essentialy nock off leathermans even lethermans as the company was sold by original owner and moved to China. (Remember if its not made in USA and especialy Oregon as far as multi-tool are concerned its either swiss and/or a pleatherman)

Mythical Multi-cooker Masterrace.

…? you lost me at multi-cooker, and from their I found my way closer and closer to Hansel and Gretel’s place of nightmares. Prettty sure that is not the correct location. Stupid GPS.

A lighter/matches. And molotovs. Molotovs for days.

[quote=“TheMightyHercules, post:10, topic:10657”]CATA-Boy 3000…

…Well, Once it’s implemented if it isn’t already.[/quote]
I really need to finish that… The Phantom Pain and College sucked away any desire (and free time) I had to play CDDA previously for the past few weeks.

I am very disappointed in all of you.
The answer is obviously a towel.

solar powered luxury sport tank rv

Finding a hacksaw essentially bridges the gap between early and mid-game.