Start new game or wait for 0.E..?

Hey guys!

Finally got the time to jump back into the game, and I was wondering… should I start a game now or wait until 0.E?

Mostly wondering if a game made in the current build would have a hard time rolling over into 0.E, or if it’s so close it really wouldn’t matter much.

If there’s no way of knowing, that’s as much an answer as any, just thought I’d ask because I am ready to get re-addicted. :’ |


Form experience, it doesn’t matter when you start. Eventually experimental version will just become release candidate as more and more bugs are squished. The game is usually very stable especially if you don’t update daily but use like a week old build.

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Experimental is basically 0.E minus a couple of bugfixes right now, your save will easily work on 0.E if you use an experimental build


Fantastic. Answer I wanted to hear. : ]

When is the predicted release for 0.E? Like, about a month, a couple months etc etc.

Seems to be Real Soon Now™.


Ah I see “visibly excited”