Standpipe maintenance log recipe [7350]

So i have a standpipe maintenance log with the elf-a mutagen and serum recipes, and my brand new level 9 cooking but they dont appear on the craft menu.

I’m doing something wrong? The book appear yellow so i have the skill levels, and is in perfect condition (dont think it matter tho.

Cheers. Awesome game btw.

This recipe can be found in the following books when cooking is at least the required level:
standpipe maintenance log (level 10)

This is what the item browser says. It seems that level requirments are only for reading the book, not finding/being able to craft the recipes written inside.

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Thank you, that was the issue. I debug myself cooking lvl 10 and they appear.

Maybe this should be more clear in the text description.

Anyway thanks again for the time.

Yeah, I know, it’s frustrating. When you read the book, see some nice recipe, open the crafting menu, see nothing and you’re like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You’re welcome.

It is something to keep in mind as some books have the same recipe but have different level requirements for crafting them.