A question about book crafting

So, I’m cooking up plant mutagen but I cannot create plant serum from the book. I have both the books, the recipe calls for level 8 cooking of which I have 9, I have all the materials and I can see the recipes for all the other mutagens and serums from the books. But not plant serum.

Am I missing something?

if you just created a needed ingredient, items list may have not been updated yet. pressing . once fixes that, as does any other action.
could it be that?

if not, but you are sure you got (nearby on on you) the book, the skill (and any crosskills mentioned) the ingredients, and you can see the recipe from the crafting menu AND you are standing in a tile sufficiently lit, and still you cannot craft it, do a bug report.

Alright, thank you. I ended up fixing it by spending another day reading up to level ten. But I did notice that non updating thing with crafting serums from fresh mutagen the turn before and fixed it with your suggestion about waiting a turn.