Standard National Guard Military Issue Gear

I’m going to list some of the TA-50 that we receive in the military. I’m in the National Guard in Texas and I get the same stuff I got in the army for the most part.

Ruck Sack
Duffle Bag
Wet Weather Bag
Barracks Bag (OD Green dirty clothes bag basically)
Poncho (this is is useful as hell! … unless it’s raining, then it sucks)
Poncho liner (basically a blanket)
Kevlar (army helmet :P)
Wet Weather Gear (top and bottom; basically military raincoat)
Goretex (top and bottom; basically cold weather gear)
Sleep System (Three piece sleeping bag; light one for summer, medium one for rest of the year, and both together for winter. The other piece is for using it outdoor and is waterproof.)

We have duffel bags and rucksacks. Kevlar and army helmets also.

We really should have a poncho ingame. Not the wool poncho, the plastic ponchos.

Got distracted in the middle of typing that. I need to go back and put the rest in.

Good point of reference, both for stuff to put in barracks and to possibly reform the soldier zombie equipment when we get around to that kind of thing.

What portion of this stuff would you generally have on you if you got told to go man a traffic barricade* or something?

*I’m not putting down the guard in any way, just reaching for an example of urban deployment as opposed to SAR or similar.

We have a standard “Go bag” which we are supposed to take with us on any activation. It’s supposed to be packed 24/7. Differs slightly unit to unit but it’s pretty much the same as the stuff I took to the field in the army.

Packing list.

The one thing I haven’t really seen in game yet is camel backs. :slight_smile:

If we were manning a barricade the GO bag would most likely be in our vehicle while we’d be sitting there in our body armor and such. Standard load out for such situations would be kevlar (helmet), body armor, eye pro (ballistic glasses), and camel back. Of course they are wearing boots and ACUs. Many soldiers carry pockets knives and multitools. In fact when being issued additional gear for deployment to Iraq and such places one of the things they issue you is a multitool.

I’m a dumbass. I forgot the whole point to this post. Most of this gear you’ll find in a national guardsman or soldier’s home. It’s issued to us and it stays with us until we change station or get out. The gear issued depends on where you are at. The stuff in that packing list is just the stuff they tell me to take with me. I always edit that list quite a bit. If it’s winter, I take some cold weather gear. Almost never bring the stupid moquito netting. I’m a comm tech, if I don’t have my comm trailer then I’m F’n useless. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, since (I’m pretty confident that) the NG was deployed against the zeds, GO bags and their contents might be in use or good things to find on/around MilCorpses and other such areas.

Necro-doublepost, because fuck yeah compiled the list.

This look suitable, Miloch? If so it should be reasonably straightforward to slam it all together as a crafting recipe (disassemble for gear, no C++ required) or an iuse-pinata.

120 = Duffel bag
020 - army pants
012 - army jacket
007 - Socks x7
014 - T-shirts x7
002 - Towel
004 - Rollmat
007 - Raincoat
003 - Rain hood
001 - under armor
002 - long underpants
006 - sneakers
008 - combat boots
024 - kevlar vest (10 vol remains)
007 - army hemlet (3)
002 - chest rig (1)
040 + Backpack (41)
002 - tactical gloves
004 - fire gauntlets
014 - sleeping bag
002 - flashlight
001 - 100 Battery
001 - pocketknife (17)
000 - lighter

Looks good to me. :slight_smile:

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