Stairs and all objects that allow traversing Z levels off center

Updated the game through the launcher build 11113 to 11116 a minute ago.

Seems that all the objects that you can use to get up/down Z levels are shifted out of place.

Reverting to 11113 fixes this.

I wanted to see if there is some setting I am doing wrong before figuring out how to place a bug report and seeing if anyone else is having this issue!

cata bug|690x388

Something that may help.

Creating a new game in 11116 and not using old game save makes no difference. The new save has this bug as well.

Did you update tileset together with the game as well? Try to rollback tileset version and see if it works fine on latest game version.

No I did not.

I believe it was, indeed, a tileset issue.

When I switched tilesets to other tilesets like Ultica, Retrodays, etc this issue was not present.

Now, UndeadPeople also had 3 versions packed in with it. One is MSX_Undeadpeople, New UndeadPeople, and legacy. I had this on MSX_UndeadPeople. Switching to New UndeadPeople solved this. Really confusing at first what is for what without digging.

But, looking on the creator’s github, he does have a new version out. So that wouldn’t hurt either.