Trap Visual Glitch (Z-Level Related)?

Build 2896 Console, Commit 230d3dc

Very minor glitch that seems to be related to Z-levels. If a survivor starts underground (such as in a lab), while they can still spot traps (and traps otherwise act as if spotted for all intents and purposes, such as stepping on one prompting a warning), traps will not show up on the overmap. This bug persists until the survivor goes up or down a level, at which point traps behave normally again. Interestingly enough, previously-discovered traps then seem to get rediscovered (and show up normally). Based on some testing I did, this doesn’t seem to happen if the player starts out at surface level.

Yeah, it’s probably z-levels and so my fault.

Sounds like z-level is not properly set on player’s spawn. If that’s it, it should be easy to fix and dangerous to left unfixed (though it would show up later in development - by spawning player in very wrong spot).