Stable .8 bug with welding rigs

This may be an old one already fixed, but in the stable .8 game installing welding rigs that are off the velical map (yes, I make things THAT long) seems to crash the game. Or rather, it sends it to a blank screen of death.

I wanna say something like “Don’t build things off the car map” but that’ll just make me sound snarky… Again.

I didn’t even know you could build things off the vehicle map. :stuck_out_tongue: That said that’s probably the source of the bug. Does it happen only with welding rigs, or with other components as well?

Some wreckages are larger than the vehicle map if you examine them.

Its just the rigs I think I have been building off with almost everything else for three stable builds now and it has been fine.

Scrolling on that screen should be possible, but I’m not at all sure what the actual boundary the vehicle handling code is.

  1. How do you add the rig, just blindly scroll the cursor off the edge of the display?
  2. When exactly does it crash? (less important, since I’ll need to reproduce it anyway)

I went to a frame I had just added for the purpose and put it in. It was right off that edge. The game had just stopped when it was installing. SO between it getting started adding it and it finishing.