Small vehicle construction text Bug


I was making trying to get a vehicle moving but could not find any in working condition, I am still at the begining of the game so I decide to take the weels from one without motor and put it on another.

While I was doing this I saw that:

To install a wide wheel I need:
Needs wide wheel, a wrench, a powered welder, and level 5 skill in mechanic.

I guess this is something that have been changed since with the jack and wrench I am fine, and i am nowhere near to 5 in skills.

Thank you

So you installed a wide wheel without 5 mech skill? Lucky you then, seems like you need a bloody career to change or add a wheel .-.

As of 29May or so you needed 6 Mechanics (finished the advanced book!) in order to repair a damaged wheel. 5 is still pretty high though.

well thats the thing, it says you need it but you dont. Either way its inconsistent.

I’m using an extra-wide screen, there’s more dialog, I just can’t read it.