[0.9 Stable] Modifying vehicle while on board

Looked through here a bit and I don’t think it’s been brought up yet. If you try to examine a vehicle while standing on board it, it brings up the message ‘You can’t do that while on board.’ However, if you drop an object in any vehicle tile, then examine that tile, if you refuse to pick up the object, it brings you straight to the vehicle menu. You can also access the menu by examining the outer frame of the vehicle while standing inside it. I’m relatively sure the former is a bug, not so sure about the latter.

I’ve run into this problem in relation to vehicle crafting rigs, but I didn’t know it also applied to any tile with an item on it, nice catch. I would suggest making an issue on GitHub for this, we really should try to address this, I think it’s actually a pretty simple fix.


I for one enjoy attempting to change a blown out tire while zipping across uneven ground at a hundred miles an hour. You tend to wake up in forrests though.

LOL, that just reminded me of that scene at the end of “The Blues Brothers” where they’re fleeing from the neo-nazis and their car’s engine throws a rod. Elwood’s driving 80 mph, and Jake is halfway out the passenger side window, trying to clean the soot off the windshield with a paper towel. Best movie ever.