Squad Based CDDA

Is it feasible to add in a function where you can swap control between NPCs in your group? (just body swapping)


No, at least not yet. Some work has been done on moving player-only code to a more general system for both players and npcs, but there’s a fair way to go still.

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theoretically it would only require copying a NPCs stats and pasting them onto your “player”, and vice versa. however the biggest problem I think would be changing the physical position of the controlled entity to go “inside” the other one and stick in there, while letting the other one become AI controlled.

You’d also have to deal with the reality bubble jumping around as you shift focus, which may or may not be difficult, in particular when players start to use squads to form sparse lines to deal with the mycus.

Kinda like Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode is right?

Dwarf fortress might not be a bad inspiration too model faction managment after.

I remember reading where in one of the recent experimental releases, they have it where you can switch control to one of your NPCs.

Have not had a chance to play with it, but if it is fairly seamless, it could be a step towards this.

I personally would be happy with better and a more freeform zone management for NPCs in basecamps along with a less obnoxious way to equip NPCs that are diehard followers with uniforms.

Swapping yes, “Squad Based” as in you take all the turns for all your allies in combat, no.
Basically the UI is not remotely streamlined enough to do that.

The goal is more to:
Provide continuity for the lethality inherent in the scenario, i.e. allies are extra lives.
Give you something to do during long-term downtime (like days, not hours).
Take control of specialists when needed.


That sounds really cool and could get around other things like NPC AI shortcomings.

One instance I can think of is that your main character is severely wounded on a looting run and you don’t have the proper medical care handy.

So, you take control of a NPC, drag your PC into the car, and drive back to base where you have more supplies.

A NPC alone currently would not do that. But a temporarily controlled NPC would!

I love the idea for specialists. No need to be a master mechanic when your buddy is!


Great scenario yes, in addition to continuity in the face of death, it can just be based on casualty, i.e. If you get KOed.
Also, specialization is love, specialization is life. Sure your medic needs to shoot a gun and your scout needs to be able to apply a bandage, but it’s not reasonable for everyone in your party to be a surgeon or expert mechanic or hacker.

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It’s fascinating how I can be absent for a short period of time and come back to find out that we have Helicopters now or that we can switch bodies with our NPCs.